Newborn babies are the cutest and it seems that every moment of these babies are important to capture wither, they’re yawning, crying, sleeping or smiling. There is not a moment worth loosing and we will make sure not to miss any!

Your session:

the photo-session must take a place within a baby's first 2 weeks. You might wonder WHY this early? Well it’s simply because these tiny babies will loose their womb-like behavior. They will be less sleepy, flexible and comfy which makes them tough for a photo-session. Most of the newborns shown in our gallery are less than 14 days old.

When To Schedule:

The best time to schedule your newborn session is during your pregnancy. We will add your expected due date to our “Moms to be list” then when that day arrives, contact us to finalize the session date. Last minutes appointment will be highly considered upon availability. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to fit you in our schedule before the 14 days mark.


Our session usually last two to four hours depending on how settled your baby is. This time includes feeding, diaper change and soothing the baby. Your newborn will always lead the session so if you follow the given instruction prior to the session, it will leave you more hours for the day.